If seamless gutter installation sounds like the kind of fun that you just can’t deprive yourself of, then we say go right on ahead and do it yourself! We love seamless gutters so much that we install them for a living, though we’d hate to hog all that fun to ourselves.

But before you start measuring your home’s fascia, take care that you understand just what you’re getting into when you install seamless gutters. It’s dangerous work if you don’t take proper precaution. It’s infuriatingly difficult without the right tools. And even if you pour hours and hours into a DIY installation project, you might just hate the result.

Let’s delve a little deeper into why you should leave seamless gutters to the pros!


Seamless Gutter Installation Can Be Dangerous

Ladder accidents send more than 164,000 people to the emergency room each year in the United States. Roughly four out of five fall injuries treated in hospitals involve a ladder! Over 100 people die as a result of ladder accidents each year as well.

Seamless gutter installation doesn’t just require constantly going up and down a ladder. It also requires a miter saw, which is needed to make accurate crosscuts. We’re not saying you can’t learn how to safely use a miter saw. But when a single mistake can cost multiple fingers, you may just rather do without it. (We know all the inherent risks of exterior remodeling, which is why we are heavily, heavily insured.)


Seamless Gutter Installation Is Complicated

Angi put together a pretty good guide on how to install seamless gutters. We’re not going to walk you through every step. We’re just going to point out the obvious: you may not have the time or patience you need to learn the process.

You have to design a seamless gutter system before you install it, which entails measuring the perimeter of the house and selecting appropriate locations for downspouts. You will still need a professional to produce the lengths of gutters required to complete the project. And then comes the best part: bolting the brackets into place so you can actually install the gutters and downspouts. Not a job for a novice!


Seamless Gutters Will Fail If They’re Installed Poorly

In theory, seamless gutters last longer, require relatively little maintenance, and are resistant to clogging and leaking. In practice, seamless gutters can only showcase all their advantages if they’re correctly installed.

You can sabotage your DIY project right from the get-go if you purchase inferior materials. Likewise, your new gutters will horribly fail at their intended purpose if they are too shallow for the average rainfall in your area. And if you make a single mistake during the complicated installation process, your seamless gutters may fail long before their projected 20+ year lifespan.


Choose Exterior Pro for Professional Seamless Gutter Installation

Again, we’re not trying to snub your DIY abilities. But if you would rather leave nothing to chance when it comes to your home or commercial property’s seamless gutters, then we welcome you to contact Exterior Pro today. Our years of experience, tightly knit team, high-quality materials and arsenal of power tools all guarantee that your new custom gutters will look great and work perfectly for decades to come. No DIYer can match our quality!