And Why Exterior Pro Uses Them!


In order to consistently deliver outstanding results, an exterior remodeling contractor must do many things. They must be versatile – able to repair and replace siding, gutters, windows, doors and roofing whether they have suffered storm damage or simply aged out. They must provide peerless customer service, expert craftsmanship, seamless communication, and affordable pricing. They must stand behind their work, and immediately return to a job site any time their work falls short of their client’s highest expectations.

But without high-quality materials, all of those virtues amount to nothing. That is why Exterior Pro is proudly partnered with Atlas, whose American-made shingles are the very best our industry has to offer. As an Atlas Roofing Platinum Elite Installer, we create roofs that are built to withstand Central Minnesota’s harshest elements!


What Makes Atlas Shingles the Best?

Your roof’s shingles are your home’s first line of defense against wind and precipitation. Atlas understands that perfectly, which is why they engineer shingles that are fit to protect residential and commercial properties against all threats – and they hit all the other important notes as well.

  • Impact Resistance – Hailstones as wide as 1″ in diameter are large enough to permanently damage conventional shingles on impact. Although no shingle is rugged enough to survive an encounter with an especially violent hail storm, Atlas shingles excel at resisting becoming dented and torn during hailstorms. If you opt for Atlas’s StormMaster Shake, StormMaster Hip & Ridge or Pinnacle Impact series shingles featuring Core4 technology, your roof will have Class 4 impact resistance. That means it will be substantial enough to withstand repeated impact with 2″ diameter hailstones!
  • Wind Resistance – Several of Atlas’s lines of shingles feature HP42 technology. These exceptionally wide 42″ shingle squares promote easier and quicker installation – as well as less waste – which translates to faster, more economical installation. Perhaps even more impressively, shingles with HP42 technology are able to withstand wind gusts as fast as 150 mph.
  • Algae Resistance – Limestone is an essential component of asphalt shingles, as it gives the protective surface the weight it requires to shrug off gusts of wind. Unfortunately, algae loves to eat the limestone – and in doing so the microorganism gradually weakens the roof while producing unsightly black streaks. That’s why several of Atlas’s lines of shingles feature Scotchgard Protector by 3M. The treatment contains copper, a metal which is nontoxic to humans but which is also extremely deadly to algae.
  • Granule Retention – A shingle’s outermost layer is coated with coarse granules. Although they shield the underlying asphalt and mat against rainfall, hail and sunlight, they themselves aren’t impervious to those sources of damage. But Atlas shingles’ 3M granules are as rugged as they come. They are made of durable natural minerals and coated with rigid ceramic shells, and are accordingly equipped to withstand the weather’s toughest tests. Better yet, 3M granules assure a roof that will look new and appealing for many years to come.
  • Curb Appeal – Atlas shingles aren’t just resistant to algae’s black streaks. They are also aesthetically pleasing, and available in a wide range of colors and styles that will perfectly complement any type of residential or commercial property.
  • Affordability – We will be perfectly honest: There are cheaper roofing solutions on the market. But when you factor in an Atlas roof’s longevity, energy efficiency and superior resistance to multiple types of damage that would have necessitated repairs in a lower-quality roof, it becomes an excellent long-term investment in your property.
  • Warranty – Atlas roofing products are profoundly reliable, but your peace of mind demands the utmost assurance. That’s why every component of an Atlas Signature Select roof is backed by its manufacturer’s own industry-leading warranty.

Why Does Exterior Pro Install Atlas Shingles?

Our founders Josh and Erik share over 45 years of hands-on experience in the roofing industry. They have installed shingles by every manufacturer. They have witnessed how those shingles perform in the Upper Midwest’s oftentimes inhospitable climate. Their opinions on Atlas shingles aren’t solely informed by the company’s marketing literature. They have ascertained their exceptional value firsthand.

Our mission is to deliver superlative exterior remodeling solutions. That means exclusively installing the absolute best shingles we’re able to source, which is simply another way of saying we exclusively install Atlas roofing products.

We look forward to the opportunity to show you why Exterior Pro and Atlas represent the best value for your home or business. Please contact us today to request a free estimate for roofing in St Cloud, Little Falls or Brainerd, MN!