Maybe you’re considering selling your home within the next few years, and would like to take a few manageable steps toward increasing its market value. Or maybe you have no intention of ever selling your home, but are compelled to keep its market value high for no reason other than pride of ownership. 

Either way, new siding is certain to elevate your home’s worth. Here’s why an exterior contractor is posed to make your most valuable possession even more valuable!


New Siding Enhances Curb Appeal

It usually takes homebuyers 8 to 12 seconds to form their first impression of a house. Unless it has great curb appeal, it is impossible for a house to elicit favorable first impressions!

There are several ways to increase your home’s curb appeal. Ensuring that its windows and doors are all presentable will please buyers’ eyes. Designing appealing lawn and landscaping elements is no less crucial. A new garage door is an especially worthwhile investment, as its return on investment typically exceeds 100%.

But of all the ways you can increase your home’s curb appeal, none are quite as effective as new siding. The feature which comprises the majority of your home’s exterior is the most immediately noticeable to homebuyers. If they see siding that is cracked, fading, or harboring mold, then they are likely to assume the home’s other features are also lacking. But if they see that a home has a well-kept exterior, they are willing to pay an average of 7% more for the property at closing!


New Siding Increases Energy Efficiency

Several factors determine vinyl siding’s lifespan, although it normally lasts about 30 to 40 years. As siding grows older, it inevitably accumulates cracks, dents, and other spots where heat can escape more easily.

Repairing siding so it retains heat more efficiently is relatively straightforward: a few beads of caulk here and there do a great job. But if you really want to reduce the amount of money you’ll have to spend on heating and cooling bills, no repairs can substitute for new siding. In addition to restoring the integrity of your building envelope, a siding contractor can also install insulated siding which excels at retaining heat in the winter and coolth in the summer.


New Siding Protects Against Water Infiltration

Your home’s siding doesn’t just serve aesthetic and insulation purposes. It is also essential to repelling rainwater and meltwater – both liquids that Central Minnesota is in no short supply of.

By keeping water outside of your home, your siding prevents your insulation from becoming too damp to function correctly. It also prevents the home’s frame and drywall from becoming damp enough to sustain black mold, which can cause extensive property damage in addition to serious health problems. Truly, preserving your home’s worth hinges on keeping its siding intact and impermeable to moisture!


New Siding Prevents Damage

As we touched on earlier, siding grows weaker as it ages. This is partly the result of ultraviolet light’s gradual yet deleterious effects on vinyl. It is also partly because siding’s integrity suffers every time it is bombarded by hailstones, pried away by strong winds, or struck by nearby trees’ branches.

Once siding is damaged, it only becomes more vulnerable to additional damage in its weakened state. It’s a vicious circle, albeit one you can opt out of by upgrading your exterior to attractive and intensely durable state-of-the-art siding. 


Would you like to elevate your home’s worth by installing new vinyl siding, steel siding or seamless steel siding? If you live in the greater St Cloud, Little Falls, Alexandria or Brainerd, MN areas, then our team is standing by to give you a free estimate for siding that will enhance your home’s curb appeal, reduce its energy costs, and keep it better protected against water infiltration and physical damage. Contact Exterior Pro today to schedule your complimentary inspection!