If any part of your residential or commercial property is exposed to the outdoors, then it always runs some risk of incurring storm damage. When strong wind, driving rain or massive hailstones have compromised the integrity of your home or business, the best thing you can do is to take immediate action. Doing so will prevent more extensive damage, and it will also restore your property back to one you can take pride in owning.

The insurance claim process can be aggravating if you don’t proceed in the correct fashion. As an exterior remodeler with decades of experience serving Central Minnesota, Exterior Pro has honed that process down to a fine science. Simply follow these steps when you want storm damage repair to go smoothly!


Contact Your Insurance Provider

You have faithfully paid your insurance provider. You expect them to uphold their end of that arrangement by providing full, fast and uncomplicated payments for any emergency repairs your property may need. That’s why you should start the insurance claim process off on the right foot by calling your insurance provider’s representative, explaining the situation to them, and implementing any input they may have for you right off the bat.

Immediately contacting your insurance advisor is especially advisable if a recent storm has impacted several properties in your area. There will be a huge local demand for your insurance provider’s services, so acting quickly will help your claim become one of their priorities.


Contact a Local Storm and Hail Contractor

Once you’ve informed your insurance provider of what you’re doing next, contact a local contractor that specializes in repairing storm-damaged exteriors. They should provide you with a free estimate. That will involve welcoming an expert inspector to your property so he can thoroughly assess the types and extent of damage.

You have no doubt identified several signs of storm damage by yourself at this point, but an expert assessment is absolutely indispensable. The inspector (who is ideally Haag Certified) will make the precarious ladder voyage to your roof and examine it for all signs of distress. Asphalt shingles and vinyl siding frequently suffer damage that laymen just aren’t qualified to notice! An expert inspector will also create a full record of all the exterior damage they detect, thus creating an objective record of necessary repairs that your insurance provider will not dispute.

The inspector will explain the full extent of needed repairs to you. They will also connect with your insurance provider, get your claim number, and commence the process of getting everything in order they need to begin work. The inspector can also meet with your insurance adjuster to substantiate your claim by fully accounting for all the work it includes.


Let the Work Begin

Once your contractor has ensured that the proposed scope of work will make you whole again, explained the project’s details and timeline to you, learned precisely which materials and which colors you would prefer to have installed at your property, pulled any necessary permits from your local municipality, and received the official go-ahead from your insurance provider, they are ready to commence work.

At this point you will know for certain whether you have chosen a competent contractor. They will use high-quality products, such as Atlas Pinnacle Pristine shingles. They will work quickly. They want to maximize their profits by restoring as many local properties as they’re able, but their speed will not come at the cost of sacrificing the quality of work a building requires in order to withstand the Midwest’s most violent weather. Their team members will arrive at the job site punctually, treat the surrounding property with the respect it is due, and minimize any inconvenience that could be caused by their presence.

In short, a competent contractor will exhibit all the same values that have made Exterior Pro the go-to solution for storm damage repair and all other exterior remodeling services throughout the greater St Cloud, Little Falls, Alexandria and Brainerd, MN areas. We take pride in making each client’s insurance claim process completely uneventful!

Please contact Exterior Pro today to request a free estimate for storm damage, as well as any roofing, siding, window, door or gutter repair or replacement services you might need!