You have no doubt observed roofers in action and thought to yourself “Wow! Those roofers sure are handsome fellas, what with their enormous bicep and forearm muscles, perfectly defined jawlines, and otherwise Adonis-like physiques. That they know how to repair and replace roofing only makes them that much more desirable. I bet they have zero difficulties getting dates with beautiful ladies in the greater St Cloud, Little Falls and Brainerd, MN areas.”

Well, you are correct that roofers are extraordinarily buff and handsome. But you will be shocked to learn that romance can be difficult for such desirable specimens! Because they spend so much time restoring the exteriors of homes and commercial properties after they have incurred storm damage – or repairing and replacing siding, windows, doors and gutters for any other reasons – roofers often find themselves too busy to pursue romantic opportunities.

This is just the pickle that Josh Helberg, owner of Exterior Pro in Saint Cloud, MN, found himself in. As dearly in love with his trade as he was, he still felt a sharp longing for the company of the kindest and most beautiful woman on the face of the earth. Thankfully, his humble wish was granted by one of his customers when she introduced him to her neighbor’s sister Heather.


A Single Shingler No Longer

Josh took Heather for dinner, a walk and a movie on a fortuitous evening in 2008. At first he resisted the urge to point out the roofs of nearby buildings and explain why they are in desperate need of professional attention. But to Josh’s immense relief, Heather seemed to take genuine interest in his area of expertise!

“Our first date went great,” said Heather. “I thought he was very sweet and charming.” Queue the peal of wedding bells two and a half years later, and the arrivals of a beautiful daughter and son soon thereafter. Life simply doesn’t get any better for a roofer.

Was it all meant to be? Possibly, because Josh had previously formed a loving bond with a different Heather long before making the acquaintance of the woman he would marry – a shingle, to be precise.


Atlas Roofing Pinnacle Pristine Heather Shingles

“I have installed every brand of shingle during my long career in roofing,” said Josh. “To date, I have only worked with one manufacturer whose shingles have not been damaged by Central Minnesota’s strong winds: Atlas. I owe much of Exterior Pro’s rapid growth to Atlas’s easy rebate program, but I attribute an even greater part of my success to their American-made products’ outstanding durability and reliability.

“Atlas’s Pinnacle Pristine series architectural shingles are the definition of high-quality. Because they are imbued with 3M Scotchgard Protector, they possess amazing resistance to black stains and streaks caused by algae. Atlas’s proprietary HP42 technology ensures that a new roof will endure wind gusts as fast as 150 mph without becoming any worse for wear. (Minnesota’s highest recorded wind speed is 121 mph, which makes an Atlas roof practically indomitable.)

“Pinnacle Pristine shingles are easy to install thanks to their generously sized Sweet Spot nailing areas, which appreciably reduces our clients’ labor costs, and their double FASTAC sealant makes them effectively permanent fixtures until old age demands their replacement. And thanks to the Atlas Lifetime Limited Warranty, Exterior Pro’s clients enjoy rock solid peace of mind that their roofs are built to last.

“As a AtlasPRO+ Diamond contractor, I’ve installed every color of Pinnacle Pristine shingle Atlas has ever made. Out of all of them, I find Pristine Heather to be the prettiest. Its rich, earthy hue perfectly complements nearly any style of architecture. The darker colored shingle also helps keep the property warmer during the winter, and even promotes faster snowmelt in the springtime.

“It is no wonder why Pristine Heather is Exterior Pro’s best-selling shingle, but it is quite the coincidence that the two loves of my life have the same name. And who knows? Maybe there are ladies out there who share names with other Atlas shingle colors like Pearl, Sienna – or, if they are especially unfortunate women, Weathered Shadow – who would also find perfect soul mates in roofing contractors.”


A Dynamic Duo

Today Heather serves Exterior Pro as the company’s executive assistant, deftly handling all of the office work while Josh and his team tirelessly restore residential and commercial property exteriors back to their best condition. Between his wife and the shingle of the same name, Josh is grateful for all things named Heather.

Josh is equally grateful for all of his great clients. If you would like to hire a family-owned roofing and exterior remodeling contractor in Central Minnesota, then we welcome you to contact Exterior Pro today for a free estimate!