Well folks, it looks like another year is soon coming to a close. A more cynical exterior remodeling company might see that as an opportunity to look back at all the dreadful things that happened recently, but your pals at Exterior Pro are eternally optimistic. We’d rather take pause to review all the neat exterior remodeling trends 2023 brought with it – great inspiration if you’re thinking about making a timely yet timeless update to your own abode!


Bold Shutters

Are you looking for an economical yet impactful way to reimagine your home’s exterior? Just give your shutters a splash of paint in a color that complements your siding! It’s a great way to add a little extra personality to your home, and it looks even better when you decide to update your home with new windows or a boldly colored front door.


Roof Decks

“On the roof, it’s peaceful as can be / And there the world below can’t bother me.” Boy, The Drifters really knew what they were talking about, because nothing transforms a city home into an urban oasis quite so effectively as a rooftop deck. It preserves your existing lawn space, gives you the coolest spot in which to entertain your friends and family, and lets you relax in a way you just can’t manage at ground level.


Earth Tones

Interior decorators went gaga for earth tones in 2023, and it’s easy to see why. Colors like beige, taupe, khaki, olive, moss and rust inspire feelings of peace and tranquility, and they aren’t so bold that they risk ever going out of style. And remember: you aren’t just in control over the color of your siding. Thanks to Atlas, you have a wide selection of shingle colors to choose from as well.


Big Windows

The ramifications of the 2020 lockdown linger on. It made a lot of people wish they had bigger windows, and resolve to have them once life returned to a closer approximation of normal. Upgrading to larger windows won’t just bathe your interior in natural light and enhance your view. It can also enhance your home’s energy efficiency if you’re replacing old-fashioned single- or double-pane windows!


Mixed Textures

A lot of folks are no longer content to have only one kind of siding on their homes. More and more are opting to mix two or more complementary textures, like brick, wood and shingle siding. A tastefully blended exterior will give your home a certain air of drama, and it’s sure to make a big impression on homebuyers if you ever list your property for sale. Gotta love an exterior remodeling project that comes with a great return on investment!


We are never slaves to trends here at Exterior Pro. If you live in the greater St Cloud, Little Falls, Alexandria or Brainerd, MN area, then we welcome you to contact us today for a free estimate on any kind of exterior remodeling project you have in mind. We do bold and daring, tried and true, and everything else in between!